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    Our Mission

    Desert Lotus Counseling’s mission is to empower growth and healing by providing inclusive, innovative and accessible therapy and wellness services. We aim to always provide the highest quality mental health care, to fight against stigma and oppression, and to honor the unique experiences, needs, culture, and identity of each individual.

    Counseling for Anxiety

    At Desert Lotus Counseling, we understand the profound impact anxiety can have on your well-being.  Our compassionate therapists are dedicated to providing effective support tailored to your unique experience. Through evidence-based therapeutic approaches, we collaboratively explore the roots of anxiety, develop coping strategies, and work towards fostering a new sense of  balance in your life. Whether you’re dealing with generalized anxiety, social anxiety, or specific anxiety triggers, our goal is to guide you towards lasting resilience and a more peaceful state of mind. 

    Counseling for Trauma

    Our compassionate team of therapists is dedicated to providing a safe space where you can explore, process, and overcome the impact of trauma. We believe the basis for all therapeutic growth is a safe, supportive and trusting relationship with your therapist. Through evidence-based therapeutic approaches, we guide you towards understanding, empowerment, and self-discovery. Whether you’re navigating the aftermath of a specific event or addressing long-standing wounds, our tailored counseling sessions are designed to foster healing and promote a renewed sense of strength.

    Therapy for Depression

    At Desert Lotus Counseling, we recognize that the journey through depression is unique for each individual. Our compassionate team of therapists is dedicated to providing a space where you can openly explore your feelings, thoughts, and concerns. Through a collaborative and evidence-based approach, we work together to develop personalized strategies for coping and healing.  Our therapeutic support aims to empower you with resilience and tools to foster positive change.

    LGBTQIA+ Affirming Therapy

    Our team of therapists is committed to providing LGBTQIA+ affirming services that embrace the unique experiences of each individual. In our sessions, you will find a safe and supportive environment where your identity is not only acknowledged but celebrated. Whether you are navigating coming out, exploring gender identity, or addressing mental health concerns, our practice is here to support you. 

    Your authentic self deserves to be heard and understood, and we are here to offer compassionate support every step of the way.

    Counseling for Young Adults and College Students

    Young adulthood is an exciting time of growth and change. It can also be a time of stress and uncertainty as you navigate new directions in your life. During this time, we often feel challenged by new phases in our work, school, and relationships. You are moving toward independence and forming your identity while dealing with questions about your future. You may be struggling with your sense of meaning and purpose, or afraid to disappoint your family. Old coping skills aren’t as effective anymore, or you may be concerned about your ability to cope in healthy ways. Having a safe space to work through these issues is so important!


    Welcome to accessible and convenient therapy from the comfort of your own space. Through telehealth sessions, we extend our commitment to mental well-being to clients across Arizona. Embracing the flexibility of virtual sessions, our telehealth services offer a confidential and secure platform for individuals seeking support. Whether you’re managing daily stressors, navigating life transitions, or addressing specific mental health concerns, our virtual sessions provide a personalized and convenient way to prioritize your mental health. 

    Consultation and Training

    Please check back soon for details on the consultation, supervision, and training opportunities we offer.

    Desert Lotus Counseling is proud to serve our community through our internship program. Interns receive training from experienced supervisors and staff, and provide low-cost services to our community. If you are interested in an internship with us, please reach out!

    If you are interested in our mental health-related keynote speaking, training or consultation services for your organization, please reach out to us at hello@desertlotuscounseling or call us at (520) 305-9735.